NObody ;D


...noBody's qonna Break mY heaRt.
& hurt Me liike tHey did beFore...

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Does anybody see?!...

 Is anybody out there
Does anybody see
That when the lights are off something's killing me

I know it seems like people care
Cause they're always around me
But when the day is done and everybody runs

Who will be the one to save me from myself
Who will be the one who's there
And not ashamed to see me crawl
Who's gonna catch me when I fall

When the show is over
And it's empty everywhere
It's hard to face going back alone
So I walk around the city
Anything, anything to clear my head
I've got nowhere to go nowhere but home

It may seem I have everything
But everything means nothing
When the ride that you've been on
That you're coming off
Leaves you feeling lost

Is anybody out there
Does anyobdy see
That sometimes loneliness is just a part of me

----------------- ?!

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Perfect. Always && Forever ! <3


Let's run away
Name a place
Where the air tastes like rain
And the sun shines like Sunday morning

You bring your laugh and I'll bring
my sense of humor
And we can the waste days
One week after another

. Ashlee Simpson - Fall In Love With Me .

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Audi Q5 <33

Zu schön fürs Gelände: der neue Audi Q5

ii likE iit <33 -----------
kAthA don't bEliiEVE in shootingstArs.
but shE bEliiEVE in shoEs & cArs.
(c) kAthA//Euphorii

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tageLang hock ich nur in meinem zimmer rum,
1OOO fraGen im Kopf, wo ist die anTwort auf mein warum?
den kopF voll mit flausen,
ein nichtsnütziGer haufen.
was ist nur Los ?!
hab icH was falscH gemacht?
Früher haB ich doch jeden Tag so oft geLacht?

writtEn by mysElf.

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i Liike her ;D

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Schwestern <3


 Usergrafik    Usergrafik 

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